Sunday, November 12, 2006

On Coaches Long Gone, and Vindication NOW!

Brother, can you spare a dime?

Well that was a little bit anti-climactic. The Jets beat the patriots for the firt time in eight tries in the quagmire that was Foxboro Stadium, today. And well, to be perfectly honest, I am not really sure how. Nobody played particularly well, outside of one great catch by Jericho Cotchery. I guess Mangini coached pretty well, but basically, I think the Jets won for two reasons: Brady's o-line left him exposed way too often (some credit should go to the Jets D line for that) and Bill Belichick sort of seemed like he was just in a rush to dry out his sweatsuit, win or lose. (Seriously, can we all chip in and buy this guy some new gear? I know the stupid rules in the NFL stipulate he has to wear liscensed team gear, but outside of wearing this I really can't imagine the dude rocking anything more obnoxious than the fupafying sweat suit.) I don't really know what I expected the firt win against the Patriots in forever to feel like. I didn't think I'd be cracking open champagne bottles or anything, but I certainly thought I would be pumped up, and I also thought it would be one of those games, as they say, where "the team with the ball last wins." Instead, I was just wondering aloud why the hell they had to lose to the friggin' Browns to weeks ago. Because had they won that game, I would be legitimately wondering on this blog, and in the ear of anyone willing to listen, if the Jets might just be a bona fide team. But they can't be. Too inconsistent. Essentially, this game was a gift from Bill Belichick. A weak after John Madden questioned where the Pats run game was, Belichick seemed determined to prove to John and others that he really didn't need it. The game started with Corey Dillon running downhill on the Jets pitiful run D, and ended with Belichick inexplicably calling pass play after pass play, despite the fact that Brady couldn't find any semblance of timing. Other than a big day out of CrazyEyes Caldwell basically nobody on the Patriots seemed interested in playing the game. If this blog is a bit boring and contrite, well, so was the game. I am still trying to figure out how the Jetties won that game. I mean, it isnt like they deserved to lose. But they didn't really dedserve to win. All in all, I am reserving judgment and/or predictions on this team until after I see what they can do with the Bears on Sunday.

Dice-K and the 42Million Dollar Conversation-Starter

It is expected that some time today the official announcement will be made that the Red Sox won the bidding for Japanese Gyroballer, Daisuke Mastsuzaka. The winning bid, just for the rights to talk to Matsuzaka's agent (Scott Boras) was supposedly 42 mil. This is absurd. I am not going to get all righteous and say that this is Yankees-baseball, and that winning this way is less satisfying than winning the way that the A's and Minnesota win (with actual talent evaluation, and trade analysis) but I am a little disappointed. I mean, I could personally care less how John Henry spends his money, and theoretically, as long as the Sox stay under the cap, they are playing "fair." But A) this is an ABSURD amount of money to change hands just for the right to talk to a guy who's never pitched in the Majors. and B) it is quite frankly more fun to root for a guy like Liriano (especially when you got him in a trade for AJ Pierzinsky) than it is to root for a guy when you team pays more than some teams payrolls just to start the conversation. I think the guy has nasty stuff (from his numbers, from what I can track down on Youtube, and from the WBC start I saw in February) so I look forward to rooting for him in a Sox uniform. I'm just not convinced this was the best use of 42 million dollars. Then again, as some poster on SoSH pointed out, that's really only Carl Pavano money, so I shouldn't complain.


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