Monday, October 02, 2006

Fuel for the Sodium Flares

Some notes on a particularly annoying Sunday:

If you read my post on TS you know by now that God is angry at me for not donating money to help build a church playground, and spending it instead on a five-team Parlay, that inexplicably involved both Daunte Culpepper and a pick against the Saints. I was right about the Patriots. That was the type of game they have made their reputation winning, and they thrive on it. They have one bad week, and are scheduled to play an overrated team, everyone writes them off for dead. They win. The Jets are proving that perhaps they are capable of a winning record, and yet they are going to lose as many painful games as they possibly can just to break my heart. Any time the spread in a Jets game is more than 7 points, take the Jets. They don't know how to lose without making it painfully close. Dallas is still a good team, and Tennessee is not. I don't care how shortly before a game their star WR overdoses on Vicodin. I am done picking against the Saints. Did I mention I am done picking any game that involves Daunte Culpepper? I think the bookies are in his pocket.

The Red Sox season is over. Trot Nixon is (probably) gone, as is Loretta. Thank god. What happened to getting younger and faster? Playoffs?

ALDS 1 - Yankees in 3 over Dee-twah
ALDS 2 - Minn. in 5 over Oakland* (Memo to Ron Gardenhire: you wanted to LOSE that game Sunday, buddy...see how Leyland did it? Which sounds better: Trying to silence the yankees bats for 3 of 5 games? or 4 of 7? Not only did you screw yourself, you screwed up the entire AL playoffs. They will invite you back to hand out Torre's rings in April.)
NLDS 1 - Los Angeles over Mets in 4. Remember when the Mets were the favorite in the NL?
NLDS 2 - St. Louis over Padres in 4.

ALCS - Yankees over Minn. in 5 (see aforementioned memo to Ron G.)
NLCS - St. Louis over LAD in 6.

World Series - Yankees over St. Louis in 4. That annoying "27 World Championship Titles" refrain? Make it 28...Here is the thing. If Tweedle-Dee Ron G. had just lost the friggin' game yesterday, Johan would be facing the immortal Chien Ming Wang in game 1 (W) and Corey Lidle or Jarret Wright in game 4 (W.) Throw in a solid start from Boof against an injured RJ? Twins could win in 4. Now you have Johan pitching against Zito (perhaps twice, meaning he might only win one) and Boof and co. going up against arguably the best starting rotation in the playoffs. Without homefield advantage in the ALCS, the Twins might not win a game against the Yankees. If the Twinks didnt have homefield advantage in this series, I'd take the A's. Hoe did Gardenhire miss this?! In fact, I changed my mind, because Gardenhire is good for at least one extra loss per series: *I am actually taking the A's in 5.


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