Monday, September 11, 2006


Big Papi shows his frustration and throws his teammates, along with just about every other talented baseball player in the AL, under the bus. Ortiz: Boston's Fall Shouldn't Impact AL MVP Vote. Yes it should. The Red Sox folded. An MVP keeps his team in the race. When the Yankees were hobbled Jeter kept them breathing, Santana (my pick for MVP) kept together a team that in mid-June looked lifeless. The Sox fell apart and Papi didn't do anything outrageous to keep them in the race. He can't be faulted for being ill, he can't be faulted for everyone else's bats slumbering. But the Red Sox blew up before our eyes, and MVP's shouldn't come from teams that implode. If he was that valuable he would have done something spectacular to keep the team afloat. This does not include bitching and moaning about individual awards when you should be focusing on the fact that your team just got fisted by the Royals. Shut up, David. Back with some Jets observations later in the day.


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