Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It Will Never Happen, But....

So, maybe this post has something to do with the fact that I went out for beers and buffalo-wings to watch the Sox trounce the Yanks with a couple of buddies. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I gave my two weeks last Tuesday and am none-too-concerned with work for the next week plus. Maybe it has to do with the fact that when my wife is out of town I am far less likely to sleep like a baby than I am to lie in bed with my socks still on my feet, staring at the ceiling, and wondering about next year's New York Jets. So: here is what I have been thinking, lying there, head full of coors, belly full of chicken. I've got the offseason trade that could make the Jets Superbowl Contenders in THREE short years!
The key cog in this trade? Trent Green. Seriously. No joke.
Thus far the Dolphins are the only team in serious talks with Kansas City for Trent's services. The Chiefs, while desperate to unload Green and get younger at QB, keep balking at the offer of a 6th round pick for Green's services. The last thing the Jets need is a second highly effective QB in their division (let's face it, Tom Brady takes two next year with that WR core.) So here's a simple solution: outbid the Fins with what you offer, but ask for MORE in return.

Look, I know I have said this before. I know alot of Jets fans (like my father and my uncle) can't see the light for some reason, but look: Chad Pennington is NOT winning a Super Bowl in his lifetime. Teams have won before on the strength of their defense, and with the benefit of a smart and efficient QB, i understand. But the fact remains, the timing with this Jets team just isn't right to accomodate holding on to Pennington and his unearned salary. Our defense, while it keeps getting stronger is two years from completely jelling, our offensive line is filled with holes that need to be attended to in free agency and drafts, and we are still one Curtis Martinesque RB away from dominance. So I make my proposal with one caveat: the Jets may very well stink this year. But I was willing to take mediocrity over slightly-better-than-average last year, if it meant improvement in the near future, and I echo that sentiment this year. It boils down to this: there are VERY few things I want to see in my life more than a Jets Super Bowl championship. Like, no joke. Here's the list:

1. Healthy family
2. World peace
3. Loyal Friends

....That's it I think. So again, I don't offer this trade lightly. I offer it because I think it could very well be a step towards finalizing the team that offers me the long-sought-after joy of a Super Bowl championship. I offer it, because for the Jets right now it makes sense:

Chad Pennington and The Jets 2nd round pick for Trent Green and the Chiefs 1st and 3rd round pick.

It's a deal that makes sense for everyone. Think about it: Herm LOVES Pennington (for some inexplicable reason that probably is closely related to the fact that Herm is a crappy coach) and the Jets need a veteran QB to provide insurance should we discover our investment in Kellen Clemens was a bust. Green wants an honest competition for the QB slot and with the NYJ he can find one. Meanwhile the Jets flip a second round pick where they would normally be taking a crapshoot on a lineman, and get a first round pick (with as bad as the Chiefs might be next year this could land them Ray Rice) and a third round pick (have you seen next years LB corps?) I'm going to be bold here: I don't see a decent damn reason NOT to propose this trade and see if KC bites. The only reason it wouldn't happen is if Herm ACTUALLY believes Damon Huard is the QB of the future AND ready to start next year in KC. I have to think with Pennington dangled in front of him, Herm would admit this is not the case.

So why does it make sense for the Jets? Well, it only does if you are willing to accept the premise that the Jets are not a Super Bowl caliber team right now. Beyond that you have to be ok with that fact that, given their shortcomings, it is very possible that the Jets aren't even a playoff team for the next couple years. I know that given what happened last year it is hard to resign the Jets to being a non-playoffs team this season. But look at it this way: after watching the Jets spend the last decade of their existence jumping in and out of the playoffs only to lose in the first or second round (and once in the third....UGH!) wouldn't itbe worth it to forgo that tease for a near GUARANTEE at a Superbowl Contender in Dallas 2011?!

But, you say, But GMS, what you have failed to explain here--the crucial details you have failed to provide--who says that we are a contender in 2011 if we make this trade, and why?! Well, believe it or not I don't have the answer to that question. Or not the definitive one at least. But here's what I know about the NFL--everything I know--is it takes three things to win a Super Bowl: a good if not GREAT QB; a solid defense; a running game. Right now the Jets are on their way to ONE of those things. This simple trade gives them 16 games to find out if they have any semblance of a second; it also gives them the opportunites to work on the two areas that still need improvement.

It all boils down to this Jets fans: if you look into the deepest most guttaral part of being a fan, and you can tell yourself that sutained mediocrity is fine, then this trade will make no sense in your eyes. But if it's 2:15 AM and you've been up twirling the Jets future around your unoccupied noggin for a few hours, I think you know what's proper: give me Trent Green, or give me death.