Sunday, January 07, 2007

39 Days Until Pitchers and Catchers Report

Maybe tomorrow or Tuesday I will have something more intelligent to say about the drubbing the Jets took. For now: there are no moral victories in my book. Sure I am happy that the Jets season wasn't like the Raiders season, but losing to the FUGGIN Patriots in the playoffs sucks any damn way you cut it. Chad Pennington is NEVER going to be better than he was this year: which means he is never going to be good enough to make you a legitimate contender: Three goals for the offseason:

1. Add a possession back to compliment Washington Who Should be the every down back to start next season: maybe pick up Brian Leonard with the second round pick?

2. Decide what we have in Clemens. We used a second round pick on the kid. We need to find out soon if he is worth it, or if we should go after say...Troy Smith at the end of round 1.

2b. If Clemens is a legitimate enough QB to take a flyer as a starter, trade Chad to Cleveland or Detorit for a second round pick. Use it to shore up a Tight End or Outside Linebacker, which will effect what you do with suggestion number 3...

3. The Jets are targeted to have upwards of 26 million dollars in capspace this offseason: get a legitimate Tight End or Outside Linebacker out of free-agency...If Herm doesn't franchise Tony Gonzalez, he'd look GREAT in green.

If they had lost that game to any other goddamn team in the NFL I would rest easy tonight knowing that just getting here was a celebratory cause. But for the next nine months I will re-hear Tom Brady's smug punk-ass press-conference ringing in my ears:

"To beat a team that beat us at home a few weeks ago...and to beat 'em by 21 points feels really, really good." Like that game was really a breeze, and the final score was at all indicative of the quality of competition. F U Tom. And I am going to say it now, without a shred of regret: if Teddy Bruschi could go and have himself another stroke, that would be fuckin fantastic in my book.


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